100 Favorite Songs: 96-100

Don't worry, I left some good ones for the end.

96. “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates (1977)

Have I mentioned I love blue-eyed soul enough times? So perfect.

Also a great karaoke song.

97. “Better Man” by Pearl Jam (1994)

A rare woman's perspective in a rock song that was written by Mr. Vedder while he was in high school. Brilliant.


98. “Little Moments” by Brad Paisley (2004)

You know I love cheesy songs, too, and what better way to celebrate that than country. Brad Paisley writes some really silly music, but"Little Moments" is a song one that ends up remarkably romantic. Here's a 2004 performance from CMT Crossroads with John Mayer:

I prefer Brad's voice on this.

99. “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas (1976)

Great song, which solidified its place in my heart when it was featured in a great episode of Strangers with Candy.

Short shorts, tube socks, perfection.

100. “Badge” by Cream (1969)

Written by Eric Clapton and George Harrison, "Badge" is a great 2-part song, with a heavy bassline beginning, and gorgeously melodic second half. Here's a super long 1977 performance of Clapton and crew:

I believe that's my 1970s girlfriend Yvonne Elliman on tambourine and backing vocals.

Thanks for sticking with me. Any excuse to peruse the YouTubes for great performances is a good one. Hopefully you enjoyed this list as much as I have loved putting it together! Until the next ridiculous music series.


  1. You already know this, but I loved this series.

  2. Thanks for the musical roller coaster. I especially loved the fact that you tried to get live performances for each clip. You rock right along with your beloved musical icons.