Don't Look Back (1967)

So I watched Don't Look Back (1967), the documentary about Bob Dylan's 1965 European tour, a couple days ago in an effort to try to understand the legend/enigma that is Bob. Things I gathered:

1. Bob Dylan was like any other pretentious 20-something, but somehow he became a spokesman for a generation.

2. Sitting around watching a movie about people wasting time by doing douchey things and getting in douchey fights is just as terrible as watching it happen in person.

3. Same goes for watching people noodle around on instruments. If you're the one sitting there watching it happen and not the one playing, it's incredibly dull. Occasionally I'm anti-social, can you tell? And no, I won't watch you play videogames.

4. Bob Dylan has (had?) a rather charming stage presence. You see this at the end of the movie right as you want to not like the guy.

5. I've had the Boston song of the same name stuck in my head ever since. I like it better than this documentary.

Thus ends another well thought out review.

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