In the Loop (2009)

Only two reasons from a billion to watch the perfect political satire In the Loop:

The quotable profanity of Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker. I considered posting a video, but half of the fun of his dialogue is surprisingly eloquent it sounds coming out of this man's mouth.


Anna Chlumsky, AKA my other girlhood movie hero, is fantastic in her role as aid to the Assistant Secretary of State. Not only am I glad she got cast in a real movie that FANTASTIC, but also that she was hilarious.

3. Seriously. Go watch this movie. Especially if you already like (fictional) shows about politics and dry British humor. It's like a more hilarious Yes, Minister or likeThe West Wing if it was a comedy. You're going to love it.

Rating: 5+ Coughing Fits Spurred On By Laughter and a Pair of Lungs Filled with Mucous!


  1. I have been RAVING about this movie!!! Loved it. I've been saying it's poetically profane. So well cast. So well written, SO fantastic.

  2. i LOVE quotable profanity!! I'm totally looking this movie up! :)

    p.s. We miss you here. Come visit again soon!

  3. I really like this movie. It was so well written and beautifully casted that I wanted to buy a DVD of this movie.