100 Favorite Songs: 91-95

Second to last.

91. “Every Moment” by Rogue Wave (2004)

Brevity with a solid beat.

10 extra points for the Mormon shoutout.

92. “So Far Away” by Carol King (1971)

5th grade was the year after my BFF moved away, the year that my ultimate elementary school love moved away, and the year I questioned God's existence. In other words, I spent that year depressed, but Carole King's Tapestry on repeat helped. "So Far Away" is one of my favorite songs on the album.

They're all so little!

93. “The Things We Do For Love” by 10cc (1977)

Let's cheer up with a perfectly written pop song, "The Things We Do For Love." The chord progression in the bridge is so good. And what is it about a piano that automatically makes a pop song that much bouncier and awesome?

Good effort with the live vocal harmonies, fellas.

94. “I’m Only Sleeping” by The Beatles (1966)

Oh, John. Sleep is fantastic. Here's the incredibly true and catchy song as the Beatles defeat a dragon (song starts about 2:00).


95. “Superstar” by The Carpenters (1971, original "Groupie (Superstar)" written in 1969 by Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell)

Such a lovely melody and deep voice.

A chorus I'm not afraid to bust out on all occasions.

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  1. "I'm Only Sleeping" = best Beatles song ever.