Some great beards 4

Blame it on the really hot shaved-head-and-bearded guy on the bus (who I learned today most certainly has a GF...like that will stop the across-the-bus ogling), but I'm in the mood for some more beards. It's been too long.

1. Tom Skerritt While I mostly recognize him with a mustache, I appreciate his bearded captain look in Alien.

2. Paul McCartney manages to look boyish even with a beard.

3. Naveen Andrews remains the best part of LOST, bringing the badass again and again in addition to his perfect manlock-beard combo.

4. Kris Kristofferson is incredibly attractive. That's all.

5. Billy Crystal proves that even goofy guys can be hot with a little facial hair in When Harry Met Sally.

This was the best picture to show off his facial hair. Hey, Meg.


  1. OK so I found your blog via Facebook and I love love love it. Friends?

    Also, Billy Crystal FTW!!!!

  2. I found your blog too!!

    PS, Paul McCartney's beard makes my knees weak...that is all.

  3. @ Chantal:

    You and the rest of the civilized (and not so civilized) world