Re: Howard Keel

Does Howard Keel always play the worst boyfriend ever? I mean, he masterminds the kidnapping of innocent women with the aid of misguided book-learning, and then he beats up his BFF and secret love, and now I find that he spanks his ex-wife on stage during a musical rendition of Shakespeare's creepiest love story?

Why are any of these women clamoring back to him. I mean, I'm a fan of a tall drink water and a deep voice as much as the next person, but goodness, there has to be a line in which you think "dealbreaker."

I don't know. Maybe if you're into the physically domineering type. And I can't say I'm against all that facial hair he sports:

And those gams! Has anyone seen this one (Jupiter's Darling)? It looks awful, in the best way possible.



Last night's episode of Glee didn't want to make me shoot myself so, I wanted to celebrate the most ridiculous thing about last night's episode--which was ridiculous delightful, not ridiculous cut myself--with you.

Compare Barbra's outfit...

...with Rachel's:


David Bowie might be next


Are you seeing how good he looks in suits? 80s fashion was kind to David Bowie in a way that is inconceivable. Anyway, I think I've warmed up to David Bowie enough that to start becoming a true fan. Recently, I can't stop listening to this song:

Anyone have any album/film recommendations?


Medley of the Day: Money edition

"Money Money Money" by Abba

Fun fact: This music video was heavily inspired by the song below.

"Money" by Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey from the 1972 film Cabaret

Why is this performance so awesome?