Writing a paper and watching a movie

So my roommate has Romeo + Juliet (1996), and since I haven't been a big fan in the past, I figured I would put it in as background noise.

Except, it's way too frenetic to ignore. And my goodness, young Leonardo DiCaprio has such a lovely face. (is it a little late to get on the Leo bandwagon? Wait. It's no longer 1997?) I'm doing a terrible job at writing this paper.

Anyway, some film epiphonies: Leonardo DiCaprio does best when he plays an innocent, well-intentioned guy caught up in a tragic situation that's beyond his control. Also, is Mercutio not the best part of every production of Romeo and Juliet? (I love you Harold Perrineau!)

Mercutio and Romeo's face: the best elements of this movie.

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