100 Favorite Songs: 16-20


16. "Peace Like a River" by Paul Simon (1972)

I'm not really sure who's wielding lead guitar in this song, but it's spectacularly earthy.

Fun fact: that's a picture of the Provo River taken by yours truly.

And just in case it gets pulled:

17. "Strong Enough" - Sheryl Crow

While I love the sparer, slower version on the recorded version (I may have had an epic emotional breakdown to this song one time), this live performance from Lilith Fair 1997 gives the lyrics a fun spin. Also, accordion.

Apparently Lilith Fair is back.

18. "You Got the Silver" by Susan Tedeschi (2005)

A cover of The Rolling Stone's 1969 song, I prefer Susan Tedeschi's strong vocals to Keith Richard's Bob Dylanesque approximation of singing*--especially at the end when she takes turns with a slide guitar's melody to create a mixture of awesomeness.

I wish I had this woman's pipes.

19. "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison (1970)

Right? Plus, references to gypsies.

In case you can't get Groove Shark to work its magic, here's a good cover (in that it gets real hard core at the end) from Canadian songstress Deb Whalen at some random wedding (Van Morrison's people are big on pulling any Van Morrison original stuff):

Because this is the lady portion of the list, apparently.

20. "Delta Lady" by Joe Cocker (1969)

Penned by Leon Russell for Rita "The Delta Lady" Coolidge, I mostly just enjoy the lyrics which are fun, blunt, and a little sexy. Plus, you just can't beat Joe Cocker's gravelly singing style.

Did I mention mutton chops?

*I admit it kind of has its charms, if you're in the mood.

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