2 more Scorseses, this time reviewed with 5 questions each

Mostly because I'm tracking my Scorsese watching with this blog. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio and SO MUCH BOSTON ACCENTEDNESS.

1. Shutter Island (2010)
  1. Is Martin Scorsese allergic to editing movies to under two hours?
  2. And why didn't he cut down any of the languid middle scenes that were 1) boring, 2) not at all misleading (which was their primary goal), and 3) not furthering the plot?
  3. Speaking of editing, why were there so many editing continuity errors?
  4. Will Jackie Earle Haley ever not play a total creepy creep in a movie?
  5. Should Scorsese stick with realism?
Nice suits, boys.

2. The Departed (2006)
  1. How solidly entertaining was this movie?
  2. Was the reason I liked this movie so much because I liked Infernal Affairs so much?
  3. Does any one miss the anxious masculinity replete in other Scorsese movies, but is skimmed over if present at all in this one?
  4. Why are tightly scripted thrillers like this so rare?
  5. Can you name a more perfectly cast movie?
Gun holsters and rolled-up sleeves.

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