Sylvia Scarlett: Possibly the most spastic movie I've ever seen

One of the most random gifts I got this Christmas was a Katharine Hepburn collection filled with a bunch of her movies I've never seen. So far I've watched the surprisingly unfunny and unlikeable Without Love (1945) and a masterpiece in ridiculousness, Sylvia Scarlett (1935).

Let's look at random pictures and commentary of this most sloppily scripted yet awesome comedy, Sylvia Scarlett. I'm leaving out most of the plot since 1. it's impossible to follow, and 2. I wouldn't want to take away any of the surprises.

It starts out with a dramatic cutting of the hair so Sylvia can run away from France with her father who's some sort of con artist or something and only boys can be on the run. Lovely histrionics.

So Cary Grant is really good looking in this movie.

And Katharine Hepburn makes a pretty young man.

Cary Grant: making cigarettes sexy.

I love the idea of charlatan Cary Grant with a cockney accent.

Even in nasty high-waisted pants, Mr. Grant is adorable.

Here he is flirting with a maid that eventually joins the group.
(Again, I'm not giving a lot of context, but believe me when I say it's better if you don't try to make sense of it).

Katharine Hepburn trying to be tough.

Awkward hug from maid girl (dressed in the mistress' finest).

Cary Grant dances in this movie. Notice that his feet are literally in the air.

New outfit. Have I mentioned Cary Grant is in this movie?

Katharine trying out a mustache.

Awkward girl-on-girl kiss. No wonder this was unpopular in 1935.
(The maid girl couldn't resist a drawn on mustache, obvs.)

Cary Grant undressing.

Commedia dell'arte costume!
(They started some sort of song and dance troupe...of course.)

What a handsome heckler!
Brian Aherne my new old-school Hollywood crush.
Also, a pipe.

Bask in Mr. Aherne's glorious smile. And maybe grab onto him like Ms. Hepburn.

I'm pretty sure Brian Aherne is also Kevin Kline.

Epic slap! to Aherne's woman.

"Oh, he's actually a woman!" he thought as he lit his pipe.
And yes, he his wearing a robe tied together with tassled rope.

Wet hair and rain slickers.
(Her dad is missing.)

Cary Grant is hot again.

Androgyny in a jail cell.
I actually really like this picture.

And this is how the film ends. It's accurate to say that the ending laughter from Cary Grant is how I feel about the film. Absolutely hilarious.


  1. those were hideous pants indeed. but he is cary grant so he miiiight be able to get away with anything.
    hope you have a lovely birthday. miss you!!

  2. Ahhh! Thank you for this! (haha....steals pictures of Cary Grant and Brian Aherne)

  3. Sounds like the plot of "She's the Man" starring Amanda Bynes. Yes, I saw it. In the theaters.

  4. Imagine She's the Man but 23409832749 times more ridiculous, then you have this movie. Although both are equally enjoyable/terrible.