Awesome Cultural Exposure of the Day: 19th Century Entertainment edition

Do-it-yourself x-rays used to be a thing. At least for the bored and rich.

DIY x-rays were a mechanical spectacle of the late 19th Century that rivaled the phonograph, Diorama shows, and early cinema. I think I would want my own x-ray machine if I didn't think I would die from radiation poisoning or cancer. I can't imagine seeing the x-ray as a new invention.

Wired Science has a post about a recent exhibit at San Fransico's Museum of Modern Art with some awesome pictures: X-Ray Discovery Sparked 19th-Century DIY Craze.

Film this makes me think of: The Prestige*. I love newfangled inventions!

The 19th Century: A time of invention and great mustaches.

*note: the book is way weird and not as interesting, but both are equally creepy and 19th Century magiciantastic.

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