Medley of the Day: Creepy songs about teenage girls edition

I don't know what it is, but songs about 16- and 17-year-olds are incredibly creepy. Probably because they are obviously sung by men far too old to be hitting on or to be with teenage girls. Here's a fine playlist of of some "hits" about teenage girls:

Enjoy the creepy pinkness of this widget.

1. "You're Sixteen You're Beautiful (and You're Mine)" Johnny Burnette--Why is it so creepy: an obvious fascination with childish and little girly things like ribbons and curls. Also, putting a girl on a pedestal proving that he's not really into talking to her/finding out if she has a personality.

2. "Sixteen Candles" The Crests--Why is it so creepy: emphasizes the youth of the subject (the birthday girl) and wishes for reciprocated love even though he's probably about ten years older. Ew.

3. "Only Sixteen" Sam Cooke--Why is it so creepy: Actually, this one isn't creepy because it's sung from the perspective of a 16-year-old boy. In fact, it's rather sweet (16?). I just included it to break up the grossness.

4. "I Saw Her Standing There" The Beatles--Why it is so creepy: "You know what I mean."

5. "Seventeen" Foreigner--Why is it so creepy: Assumes a girl of 17 is capable of playing games with someone's heart in some sort of mature manner--although she was probably trying to get out of this controlling/emotionally abusive relationship.

6. "Seventeen" Winger--Why it is so creepy: I owe the discovery of this song to Pajiba's "The Dark Age of Metal." Just watch the video in that post and be creeped out by the hairy creepiness of 20-something rockers hitting/preying on 17-year-olds.


  1. Winger loses. "Her dad says she's not old enough, but she's old enough for me?" Eeeew.

  2. Re: The Beatles,

    I think you know what they mean. ;)

  3. To add to the list: Maybe, Maybe, Baby by Gladys Knight & The Pips featuring the line, "I know when you reach the age of 18 or so, maybe, maybe we can make it, baby."

    At least he's waiting for her to be legal? It's super creepy how the men are always waiting for the girls to turn 16.

    Excellent compilation.