Medley of the Day: Christmas Break Wrap-up

Random selections of music to define my time home for break.

I saw The Presidents of the United States of America on New Year's Eve. Considering that I went into it only knowing about 3 of their songs, it was a good concert. They're solid group live. Here's a mid-nineties version of "Lump".

I spent a day in downtown Portland and picked up a bunch of used CD's. One of them was New York Dolls*, who are a pre-punk band that sound like a mix of The Rolling Stones and punk. Here's "Personality Crisis".

My friend Miss Marbles and I were having fun with her turntable and record collection from her grandparents and ended up listening to the majority of Jesus Christ Superstar. Surprisingly catchy music, although the urge to tell Jesus to "sing it" is a little weird. One of my favorites from that night sung by Judas, "Damned for All Time/Blood Money".

But what I've spent the most time doing this break is watching Bones. I even got my dad hooked and he ended up buying a CD of one of the artists playing on
Season 2, Episode 18 – The Killer in the Concrete. Here's Poco's "Keep on Tryin'":

*Random aside: I heard about the band watching the documentary New York Doll, which I'm comfortable calling the best movie based on a Mormon ever. But that's another discussion.

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