Live blogging The Voice: 6/22/11

First results show live blogging. Let's see how this goes.

The last time she wore a shirt.

Carson Daly is not wearing a tie. The semi-finalists are singing some sort of George Michael medley of "Freedom '90" and "Faith". Obviously. This is delightful because, what the random? Also, all of the singers pretty good, except poor Dia and Xenia are too gentle to sound like they fit. Christina update: she's wearing a shirt with her name on it. The ladies at my internship were appalled at how fat she looked last night during the Maroon 5 /Christina song. It was both hilarious and a bonding conversation.

Will you judge me for flipping to SYTYCD during this recap? Oh wait. Stupid couple. Flipping back. Don't worry I'm "enjoying" a routine by Mandy Moore to "Addicted to Love" on SYTYCD. Why is this woman obsessed with the 80s? BTW, Debbie Reynolds is the greatest.


Team Cee Lo is up first, Nakia and Vicci. I know everyone in the Tacoma-Seattle area is routing for Vicci. I think Carson Daly wants everyone to cry based on the ridiculously personal questions he's asking. Cee Lo is reading a letter that ends "Red 'til I'm dead." Heartfelt. He voted 51 Nakia, 49 Vicci. Apparently he couldn't hear Vicci over the drums from his seat. And adding America's votes, Vicci is the winner. Pacific Northwest!

SYTYCD update: Debbie Reynolds is singing old timey songs.


Cee Lo is performing "Bright Lights, Bigger City." He's apparently a band leader tonight. He is also wearing some sort of 1920s?30s? wig some sweet dancers move around him. Adam Levine is laughing for some reason. At least Cee Lo has suspenders.

Apparently Adam Levine is featured on Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts." Is this a band I'm supposed to care about? Also, barf. Stop gushing.

Okay, Casey and Javier from Team Adam are up next. Adam voted 65 for Javier, 36 for Casey. Adam's rationale: wants to give Javier a better chance since Casey's such a baby. COMMERCIAL BREAK. Javier wins! Not that surprising. His voice is perfection.

Awkward video package involving Xenia being awkward around Brad Paisley. Oh, apparently it's a Blake Shelton performance. Dinner update: I'm eating reduced fat Chips Ahoy! Actually pretty good.

Dia and Xenia from Team Blake are up for elimination. I'm kind of fond of these two, even if they don't seem very versatile. Blake votes 50/50 for his girls, but America puts Dia into the finals. Look for some adorable, scoopy vocals in your future!

Team Christina's Frenchie and Beverly are next. I guess I prefer Beverly, if only because she didn't sing a dance club version of "Like a Prayer." Christina looks serious. Even her crimped hair looks almost solemn in some sort of rubbberband braid (what is that called? The Jasmine Look?). Christina voted 50/50. Boy, Adam looks kind of like a dick now. America's votes put Beverly into the final show. Fabulous. She's fun.

Carson Daly is putting a word in for all the sponsors. He is such a boring host. Why doesn't Cat Deeley host everything? Whatever. I'll see you next week.

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