The Audacity of Rock: Part 36

Reggae ghosts.

Emphasis on beats 2 and 4, creepy backing vocals, and classic horror instruments (be it organ or harpsichord).

"Ghost Town" by The Specials (1981)

There's actually some pretty interesting historical background of this song, including rising unemployment and civil unrest in the UK. Mostly, it's just an awesome song that blends unlikely genres. Seriously, Middle Eastern something with reggae, with 1950/60s horror with a mariachi(?) bridge. I'll allow it.

Not even trying to look they're performing live.

"Two Against One" by Dangermouse and Daniele Luppi starring Jack White (2011)

Apparently this whole album, Rome, was inspired by Spaghetti Westerns? Which, sure. I'm not sure of the inspiration for "Two Against One", but something by Ennio Morricone is probably a safe bet. I'm also not sure what this song is about, but probably someone with low self-esteem if his mirror is a trigger. Mostly, I just like acoustic guitar/harpsichord/surfer guitar/reggae thing going on.


1. Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?
2. Is Jack White in every recording studio at once? Why or why not?

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