The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

1968's The Thomas Crown Affair is gorgeous to look at. You have the very attractive Steve McQueen sporting a three-piece suit while leading the perfect bank robbery:

Then Faye Dunaway comes in as an insurance investigator to help solve the crime and make some money:

The two get intimately involved all while they're both plotting each other's downfalls. :

Then there's a lot of editing and multiple screen flare:

And Mr. McQueen showing that short shorts can be manly as long as you're in a dune buggy you helped design:

And one sexy game of chess:

With numerous telling close-ups:

Fun, breezy, stylish, sexy, lovely.

Well, besides this awkward theme song, "The Windmills of Your Mind":


  1. The Thomas Crown Affair has roughly the same glucose content as a Twinkie. It tastes delicious but I would not recommend eating more than one per day.