Taking advice from the media: How to make friends 2

By popular demand, even more helpful advice:

1. Do a fun cultural tradition with people assigned to welcome you to a new area. (Three Coins in the Fountain)

2. Leave a cryptic note on the windshield of someone who catches your eye. (Unbreakable)

3. Come over uninvited during inconvenient hours. (Northern Exposure)

4. Adopt a new acquaintance and form them into your dream friend. (Emma)

5. Get someone out of an awkward situation. (Veronica Mars)

6. Ring a random person's apartment to get into your building--be sure to personally thank them! (Breakfast at Tiffany's)

7. Walk around in the nude. (A Knight's Tale)

8. Ask a blunt and unexpected question. (Love, Actually)

9. Use complicated stratagems to meet up. (Amelie)

10. Barter a mutually beneficial agreement. (Howl's Moving Castle)


  1. I kind of TOTALLY want to do the Amelie thing one day. PS Confession of my own immortal awkwardness: When I was 16, I had close to no boy knowledge and definitely no romantic experience, but had a crush on a boy I'd never spoken to. I saw Love Actually, got inspired, wrote him a NOTE (because why be brave, when you can be a wimp?) He shared the note with friends, never called, and never talked to me. I like to think that maybe secretly he had terrible self esteem and I helped him with an emotional problem. Inaccurate? Probably. Comforting? Yes.

  2. Awww. Haven't we all tried the note? Always a failure, but I feel you.

  3. I've tried #8 with women and never gotten anywhere near the reaction of Laura Linney in Love Actually. Bull&#@! media.

  4. i thought of another one, bring a cute puppy around with you.