The Audacity of Rock: Part 32

Tone it down and build it up.

A surefire way to make any song way more exciting: drop out some instruments, either in volume or entirely, and then bring 'em back in with a vengeance. Also, I won't complain if you have some sweet vocal harmonies to add to the mix.

"Feelin' Satisfied" by Boston (1978)

Brad Delp works it out vocally to an epic guitar riff and claps-only percussion at the beginning of the chorus (see :54 and again at 2:30). Boston always knows how to up the ante.

"Girlfriend" by Phoenix (2009)

French sensations Phoenix display this timeless technique by blending it with modern rock's penchant for a continuous driving beat. The band tones down all the instruments, but keeps us interested before building to the glorious "girlfrieeeend" (see 1:21 and more obviously at 2:28 and 2:57).


1. What's with bands being named after places (if Phoenix is referring to the city and not the mythical bird)?
2. Is there any Boston song that doesn't make you want to a) have a spontaneous dance party, b) go outside and loudly greet strangers, or c) take a joy ride in your car?

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