Meldey of the Day: Elephant Love Medley edition

In my continual fight against second-hand references (they're a danger to pretentious people everywhere), I aim to learn where every line of Moulin Rouge!'s "Elephant Love Medley" is from.

So the source:

"Elephant Love Medley" Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman (2001)

How does this song flow together as well as it does?

And it's inspirations:

"Love is Like Oxygen" (The) Sweet (1978)

70s rock...yes!

"Love is a Many-Splendored Thing" the Four Aces (1955)


"Up Where We Belong" Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes (1982)

I jammed on a simplified version of this song on the piano as a kid.

"All You Need is Love" the Beatles (1967)

George looks great in that mustache. Why do mustaches look so creepy now?

"Love is Just a Game" Arabesque (1970-something)

Honestly, this one may or may not be where this phrase is from, but German disco is hilarious.

"I Was Made for Lovin' You" Kiss (1979)

This song isn't that bad. Does that mean I need to investigate more Kiss songs besides "Rock and Roll All Nite"?

"One More Night" Phil Collins (1984)

Although I'm pretty certain this is the referenced song, I'm so disappointed this isn't it.

"Pride (In the Name of Love)" U2 (1984)

Have you seen It Might Get Loud? It will endear you to the Edge forever.

"Don't Leave Me This Way" Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes (1975)

I told you no second-hand references, so here's the original. BTW, love it.

"Silly Love Songs" Wings (1976)

Oh, Paul. You're so corny on your own, but you're totally right.

"Up Where We Belong" repeats again.

"Heroes" David Bowie (1977)

Is it too weird, or just weird enough?

Okay, I'm not sure if the "we should be lovers" interjections are from anything, but here is the result of my google/wikipedia/youtube searching. (Please let me know if any of you know anything about this line. I will put a virtual feather in your cap if you do.)

"We Should Be Lovers" Rick Smith (1981)

"We Should Be Lovers" Phyllis Hyman (1983)

End of the ridiculous R&B section of this post.

"I Will Always Love You" Dolly Parton (1974)

I love you back, Dolly.

"Your Song" Elton John (1970)

Good thing there's a chandelier to set the mood.

Well, there you have it, "Elephant Love Medley" deciphered. Now go forth with the comforting knowledge that you know way more about this song than is probably necessary.

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  1. This may just be my very blog post of the recent past. LOVE the elephant love medley but I'll admit to not knowing the source of every song.