The Audacity of Rock: Part 8

Let's sing about debauchery in the douchiest way possible.

I'm just going to let you know that it took me waaay to long to track down the earlier era song for this part. Let's just say if I die without ever hearing "Let's Put the X in Sex" again, I will be happy. Game on!

"Lovin' You's a Dirty Job" by Ratt

The big grossout with this song begins with the band's name which is more reminiscent of the nastiest haircut of my early years than bad boy. I don't really want to know how lovin' somebody is a dirty job, but I know that my favorite part is the bridge where they pretend this is a tender proposition rather than the pure early 90s filth that it is.

"Up All Night" by Hinder

While incorporating another great rock band trope (the live show music video), Hinder manages to make we want die. With it's douchey beginning whine-fest for people to "shut the f--- up" to the scenes of them taking shots, it's just trying way too hard to be awesomely wasted. But I think the one important thing to note is that it sounds almost exactly like the butt rock era that Ratt hails from. In other words, in 20 years, party songs are just as bad if not worse since their hair is so emo.

Hinder - Up All Night

Questions to ponder:
1. Do visible bras increase the effectiveness of gas masks?
2. Does showing yourself rocking a crowd actually mean you're awesome or that you need others to think that you're awesome?

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