Triple threat...to your heart

I dare anyone to watch all three of these Italian movies in a row. I think your heart would burst from too much happiness, sadness, nostalgia, humor, and love.

Life is Beautiful (1997). Cutest family ever?

Il Postino (1994). A poet and a peasant: heartwarming hilarity.

Cinema Paradiso (1988). Toto and Alfredo. 'nuff said.


  1. I haven't seen Il Postino since my parents rented it when it was first on video. How do I love my campus library? Let me count the ways! They had a copy on dvd so I'm taking a look-see. I only remember one thing vividly from the movie and that is that it taught me a vocab word: In the scene where the poet (oh gosh, it's Pablo Neruda!?!) autographs a copy of his book for his friend and he signs it "your intimate friend"...maybe it wasn't "intimate." I guess I don't "vividly" remember anything. Ramble Over.