The Audacity of Rock: Part 2

Let's use a huge wall in our live performances to isolate ourselves from the audience.

I can't decide if this is a great idea or just painfully trite. Whether it's the 80s or the 00s, it's pretty entertaining.

Pink Floyd "The Wall"

The following is a documentary of Pink Floyd's infamous "The Wall" tour. Nothing ever will beat the audacity of this show with its pompous symbolism about isolation in society. This part of the documentary shows how the wall was erected during the show (as well as the creepy inflatable characters). About halfway through this clip, you see the halfway point in the concert as the final brick is being placed over Rodger Water's face. Could you even try to make that more theatrical? I submit that you cannot. As an added bonus, the music for this show is great.

The Killers "Human"

This performance isn't a whole show since it's at the 2008 EMA's, so we're spared any long-term ridiculousness. Each member of the band is in a separate cube in a giant block wall. You can only see the silhouette of each band member being back-lit by red. The non-band inhabited blocks show things like speakers, lines, or stars. The whole thing distracts from the fact that an actual band is playing. "Are we human?" I don't know, The Killers, since I can't actually see you.

PS I might be giving you too much credit with the symbolism.
PPS You owe Pink Floyd for making synth legit.

Part 1 of The Audacity of Rock.

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