Watchmen Quickies

1. For how fun the soundtrack was, it was distractingly ill-fitting and campy. Take this song for the sweet love scene between Dan and Laurie. Way to cheapen the moment. Also, Tears for Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" muzak in Ozymandias's office? Really?

2. Rorschach is still awesome, in a weird, uber-conservative creepy sort of way.

3. What a terrible idea.

4. Redeemable parts: Dr. Manhattan's reflection on Mars and Rorschach's rorschach ink blot test. Those scences got the closest to how the novel uses different mediums to create a story.

5. Matthew Goode--never go blond again. But I still love you from that one Masterpiece Theatre.

6. Way to only allude to key storylines that give the Watchmen poignancy. Yeah, adapting to film takes trimming, but this was just confusing, and I just read the book.

7. Patrick Wilson--stop picking roles in bound-to-fail adaptations to film. You may have a pathetic sort of charisma in these films, but please, save yourself from further ridiculousness.

8. Easier to sit through than Benjamin Button.

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  1. At least we had an enjoyable time laughing at the train wreck, eh?