Thank you Illinois.....the land of Linkin'

My fabulous friend Margaux makes awesome connections between feminism, Ibsen, the 1970s, and good child actors in film: La Reine Margaux

My sister's weekly US History posts fill my inner nerd with joy. This one's about Kansas: Blonder and Thinnerrrr

I don't think I mentioned this before, but I interviewed that awesome sister for a podcast about blogging for my campus's writing center. Here's the newest episode about comic books and graphic novels: Word of Mouth

Daniel Carlson at Pajiba writes a weekly recap of Lost that I find both amusing and insightful: "Namaste" (S5/E9) at Pajiba.

And video for you from a sitcom that's kind of comforting to watch, My Boys. It's coming back on TBS next Tuesday (3/31). In this clip, Brendon has gotten out of control after making it in a local magazine's list of hottest bachelors so the gang has a douchebag intervention:


  1. MY BOYS!!! Can I tell you how upsetting it was to find out that someone had already banked on showcasing our highly interesting lifestyle in sitcom form?! But I couldn't be angry for too long, watching it is pretty therapeutic. We're not alone! :)

  2. Aww, you linked me. I feel honored, madam (tips imaginary top hat...wait, I'm not a 19th century dandy...).