Hey guys, remember Chicago Hope?

I do vaguely, and now thanks to the wonders of Hulu, I've watched the first part of the first season. Some thoughts.

1. This is like Grey's Anatomy before Grey's Anatomay, but with people that might be interesting. It's still too early to tell. There's an awkward marriage break-up, a crazy wife in a mental institution (Jane Eyre gothic much?), experimental procedures. And this is only the first season. I can't wait for more! (I think I'm serious about that exclamation point)

2. Hector Elizondo as Dr. Phillip Watters vs. Miguel Ferrer as Dr. Garret Macy. In a low-talking, gruff boss-off who would win?

Hector in Chicago Hope (Also, Mark Harmon with an eye patch? Wait, he's on this show?):

Miguel in Crossing Jordan:

I'm going to say I prefer the resonance of Miguel Ferrer's voice more.

3. I adore Adam Arkin. I love him as Dr. Shutt on Chicago Hope or as Adam on Northern Exposure or as Stanley Keyworth on The West Wing. Something about his fronted consonants is just so absolutely endearing even when he's hostile.

4. Mandy Patinkin as Dr. Geiger. [ed note: Totally not fired, he just left the show a few seasons in to spend time with his family]. I enjoy him and his motown singing in surgery. Actually, the singing in surgery is most of what I remember about the reruns of this show.

Also endearing:

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Angrily tossing around a ball in Season 1 Episode 4 "You Gotta Have a Heart," proving he can be as brilliant and caustic as Toby or House. Geiger even has the requisite screwed up love life.

5. That's really all I have to say for now, but it looks like 342987045 actors that I'm familiar with were on this show, but it's never really talked about. I'm just excited for Mark Harmon.


  1. Patinkin was not fired from CH. He left to be with his family. His boys were then pretty young and his wife and kids were in NY (Patinkin's home). CBS allowed him to leave the show. CH began the same year as ER and was, I think, a much better show in terms of character development and story lines. David Kelley is a wonderful writer and went on to write The Practice, Boston Legal, etc. Geiger was the precursor to all the other tortured docs (House, etc.) and Patinkin did a great job of portraying the character.

  2. Hey, thanks for the info. I really do enjoy his character, and any tortured doctor for that matter.

  3. Ha, I had totally forgetten about chicago hope. I loved that show when I was little, and Hector Elizondo will always be a hospital administrator-y type to me.

  4. I was recently shocked and disappointed to discover that this was not on DVD, as I'd like to relive the genesis of my crush on Adam Arkin. Also on this show, Macalester alum Peter Berg of the adorably receding hairline.