Song of the day: Runaway

The other day somebody expressed their dislike of Janet Jackson, and I was trying to remember why I kind of like her. The reason I do: "Runaway" from Design of a Decade 1986/1996--except I had the cassette single*. It's vaguely ethnic in sound, and the music video is vaguely ethnic in dance and costume. I loved the harmony-heavy "yeahs" in the chorus and listened to this song over and over. Check it out:

No wonder I have such fond memories of Miss Jackson. Has she ever been so bubbly and adorable?

Side conversation: In a cage match of who does the best at incorporating globalization in a music video, who would win: Michael Jackson in "Black or White" or Janet Jackson in "Runaway"? Discuss.

*Thanks, sister! (I think it was a Christmas gift).


  1. Michael Jackson would win, for sure. If only because there are crazy people all over the world that will defend him to the death.
    BTW, this is Jenni Ball. I decided to pop on over here and tell you I'm trying to think of a new name for my blog, and Cheerful Cynicism keeps coming up, and I think "wow, that's a great name, where have I heard that before?"

  2. I remember this song!!! Oh my goodness. Takes me back. haha