I don't cough for my own amusement

Somehow I've managed to not wake up my roommate with my constant coughing tonight--I swear she would sleep through a bombing blitz without even moving. Anyway, I've only slept a few hours and can't breathe very well and wanted to find that clip from Pride and Prejudice where Mrs. Bennett is yelling at Kitty for coughing, but I couldn't, but I found the clip where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth meet after Mr. Darcy has taken a dip in his lake (BBC version). Anyway, it made life a little better. In fact, I'm just going to watch the whole thing right now. It's not like I'm doing anything else with my time today...



  1. oh man... the objectification of the intellectual woman's sex symbol--LOVE it!

    Seriously, wet shirts are not just for spring break or firefighters on calendars anymore.

    and I can't believe your coughing is really keeping you up like that! That's terrible! :(

  2. I'm not sure I enjoy the scene really for wet-shirted Colin Firth, although it is a fringe benefit. I mostly love it because it's such a random decision on the filmmaker's choice. Like, "Hey! You know what make that scene more awkward? He's completely drenched from diving in a lake?" Of course!

  3. aww man i love your blog for stuff like this. i've been following your sister's too and its hilarious. kind of makes me want to whip out The Pageant and read it for fun.

    hope you feel better!!

  4. That sucks about your cough! I hope you get better soon!