Some thoughts for the next week

I'm going to be EFY-ing this next week so let me leave you with some random stuff:

1. The movie Fearless starring Jeff Bridges and the surprisingly moving Rosie Perez is great. I can't get the last scene out of my head. It's psychological, moving, and the best way I can describe it is a mix between the pilot episode of Lost and "Noel" of The West Wing.

2. Indiana Jones is absolutely preposterous. Yeah, all of them are, but this was ridiculous. I guess I won't ruin it yet, but take someone with you to predict everything in it. It's pretty amusing.

3. I plan on going through Twin Peaks and 30 Rock this summer once I'm done with EFY. I'm excited.

4. And lastly, a great moment in television history:

Have a good week all!

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