You know that song "Time in a Bottle"?

I do now, Zyrtec, and what a horrible marketing campaign. At work today the radio was on KOZY, which you can only imagine plays the most gentle "rock" possible, and this song came on. And then I realized this was the song Zyrtec keeps referring to in their latest commercial. According to Wikipedia, "'Time in a Bottle' was a posthumous No. 1 hit for singer-songwriter Jim Croce, reaching the top of the charts in December 1973, three months after his death in a plane crash." Apparently it was written for his son, which is nice and all, but Zyrtec, really? It seems like an inappropriate choice 1. because it's about a relationship, not drugs, and 2. because you're a freaking allergy medication. This is just proving how much TV I've watching in the last few days, but seriously, this commercial is on all the time. And it bugs.

But I also got to hear "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" by Bryan Adams. I have a secret love of Bryan Adams. I realize his music is corny and perfect for really awkward slow dances, but I've loved this song since I was a child...which is kind of weird. Whatever. Apparently it was written for a Johnny Depp movie: Don Juan DeMarco which looks crazy. Which is a redundant description when talking about a Johnny Depp movie. But the song was co-written by Robert John "Mutt" Lange, great producer and husband of Shania Twain...so that means the song is actually really awesome. To prove it:

Like I said. Awesome.


  1. Shania and Mutt are calling it quits, dude. Didn't you read the gossip blogs yesterday?

  2. Oh man, no!!! What weird timing to talk about Mutt.