Grad School

So I still have until February to actual apply to grad schools, but I'm exploring where I want to go. So far I think I want to apply to University of Washington and Western Washington since Washington is awesome and I can claim residency there. I'll probably apply to BYU since it will be cheap, but I also don't want to be in Provo longer than I have to. Other options that look cool:
-University of Tennessee in Knoxville only because I think Tennessee seems like a pretty cool state with some neat stuff in it. Also, Dollywood.
-University of Colorado in Boulder. Colorado seems pretty chill and it seems like there's civilization there.

Anyway, there are programs for Speech-Language Pathology all over, so I just need to narrow down where I want to go. Any suggestions? Cool states I should check out?


  1. I miss having magical moments with you Kelsy! I didn't realize you were looking into grad school--that's really cool.

    Good luck with the term and the writing center (if you're still pressing forward there this spring). Let's keep in touch--or K.I.T. like the cool kids used to write in my 7th grade yearbook (not that I was cool enough to have the cool kids sign my yearbook, but maybe one or two of them did).

  2. UW is great, obvs, Knoxville is where I was born, and Colorado IS awesome and chill. So tough choice, Chesnut!

  3. I recommend anywhere but Utah. Just sayin'.

    Maybe Ohio???