TLC owns my soul

I will watch pretty much anything on TLC, much like VH1 in its glory days (the mid to late 90s). Recently, I've discovered a new show to watch: Jon and Kate Plus 8. It's about a family of 10: the Gosselin parents, a set of twins, and a set of sextuplets. Besides being a cautionary tale against fertility drugs, it's about a pretty normal couple with a ton of kids. Lots of them.

So many adorable part-Asian kids!

I started watching out of fascination, but the family is just so likable I kept watching (thank you TLC for all the marathons). I spent many of my pre-16-years-old-and-able-to-get-a-real-job years baby-sitting and a couple summers ago I worked at a daycare, so on some level I understand the chaos and fun of kids. But I always got to leave the kids, go home, and regain my sanity. Jon and Kate don't, and for that I salute them.

Some things I love about the show:

1. Kate's Ellen DeGeneres voice.
2. Jon's monotone commentary during their "confessionals".
3. The kids are freaking adorable.
4. We get to see triumphs and failures in getting the kids to do stuff. (Like their ski trip to Utah: 2 extra adults traveling with the family as well as flight delays = way to go guys).
5. Despite having a buttload of kids, the family is totally relatable and seems normal. They're just trying to function and do their best.
6. The camera crew and producers are like family to the Gosselins. The kids are always talking to the camera/sound men. Sometimes we see them interact and it's great.
7. Mostly, it's a warm-fuzzy sort of reality show that holds my interest more than anything on VH1 these days.

So thanks TLC. Thanks for addicting me to yet another of your awesome shows.


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