Confession: I kind of wish I was from the South

I realize the Pacific Northwest has provided the world with coffee, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix, but I wish I came from more of a tradition. For instance, the South. I'm basing this mostly on movies like Big Fish, but the South seems magical while the NW seems dark and full of Bigfoots and rain*.

One thing I like about the South is its musical tradition. I really enjoy bluegrass music. I started a new Pandora radio station from the Peasall Sisters (aka George Clooney's little girls in O Brother, Where Art Thou?) and it's wonderful. It's some of the only music that I prefer female vocals on**.

It represents the mystical, Gothic, childhood summer South. Crazy stories, adventures in the woods, swimming holes--it just appeals to me. I just wish I could do cooler things with my time than work custodial, smelling like chemicals when I come home and watch TV. I guess I could just run around barefoot if I wanted to, but concrete and asphalt are no replacement for grass and pine needles.

I'm still stuck in Utah

*Not to mention vampires.
**Sorry my entire sex.

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  1. I've felt the nostalgia of the South myself, a place I've never been. I'm glad to hear someone else under 50 loves O Brother and the music like I do ;)