This American Life

I love This American Life. It's the one radio show that my mom blasted on Saturdays and Sundays that I didn't end up despising. Car Talk was kind of funny, A Prairie Home Companion always reminded me chores and driving up to Grandpa's, Whad'ya Know drove me nuts*. But the show I started to really like in high school was This American Life.

I love to hear a good story and this program features several an episode. Each episode features a theme that the stories are built around. The stories are told in interviews and narration so it's like a documentary for your ears. I recently bought an iPod which allows me to download a podcast and listen to This American Life anywhere. So, to anyone as nerdy or white as me, check out this sweet radio show.

*There was a great drive to one of my soccer games when I was probably 12 or 13 that my dad revealed his abhorrence to this particular program. It's good to have an ally.

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  1. I only want to listen to NPR these days. I'm trying to figure out what this recent development says about me.