Ultimate break-up mix

You guys, I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. It was amicable/mutual/logical or whatever, but it still sucks a lot. Especially since I'm in a new town, and I have a lot of alone time to watch cheesy teen dramas from Australia and sob. (But I mean seriously, the curveball at the end of season 2 was heartbreaking.) Anyway, in the interest of full self-pity, here are some songs to cry to.

1. "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston (1993)
I just watched The Bodyguard (1992) this afternoon,* and this song just spoke to me in the way that only early 90s pop ballads can.

2. "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton (1974)
Speaking of The Bodyguard, the original version of "I Will Always Love You" is effective in its simplicity. The speaking parts are perfection.

3. "Bell Bottom Blues" by Derek and the Dominos (1970)
Just a reeking of desperation.

4. "Over You" by Miranda Lambert  (2012)
Okay, so no one died or anything, but it gets the general idea that losing someone sucks.

5. "Caroline No" by The Beach Boys (1966)
Ugh, Beach Boys, you make an ending relationship sound so beautiful.

6. "It Makes No Difference" by The Band (1975)
First class lyrics and mournful guitar and saxophone solos. It certainly helps that Rick Danko's voice sounds like it's going to give out at any minute.

7. "Marvin's Room (Can't Do Better)" by Jojo (2011)
This song is so embarrassing, it's perfect. NSFW.

8. "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac (1975)
This was one of the ex's favorite songs. Seems apropos.

9. "Let It Die" by Feist (2004)
Possibly the saddest chorus I've ever heard.

10. "The Shrine/An Argument" by Fleet Foxes (2011)
Epic folk, ending in chaos.

11. "Now At Last" by Blossom Dearie (1956)
This is what it feels like.

12. "St. Swithin's Day" by Billy Bragg (1984)
A man, his guitar, a beautiful chord progression, and an overabundance of lyrics.

Feel better? Me neither. Have a good cry.

*My sister's really accurate commentary


  1. I'm so sorry! Even the nicest of break ups sucks.

    I hadn't realized you'd moved. Where are you at these days?

  2. Central Washington. Kind of the middle of nowhere.