Live Commentarying The Voice: Eliminations 4/10/2012

YOU GUYS, JESSIE J IS PERFORMING. Oh wait, she's the worst, and Team Christina isn't contributing much to the song. Get it together, producers, and make the teams actually contribute something or don't do anything at all. Arsenio Hall liked it thought, so, whatever. Let's get to the eliminations.

Where can I get that jacket, Arsenio?
Team Adam
Saved: Mathai (I'll take it), Tony Lucca (yay!), and Pip (well okay, he is an adorable person).
In danger: Kim Yarbrough, Karla Davis, and Katrina Parker.

Performances for Team Adam:

  • Kim Yarbrough sings "Spotlight" by Jennifer Hudson. She's pretty off-pitch this performance and the rambling melody isn't doing her any favors.
  • Karla Davis sings Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me." This song is more intimate and suited to her voice than last night's debacle. I like it.
  • Speaking of the 90s, Katrina Parker sings "Don't Speak" by No Doubt. I think I'm incapable of liking this song because I've simply heard it too many times. She's pretty solid, but Karla may have won my heart based on song choice.
Results: Adam goes with Katrina. I'll take it. She's a more consistent performer.

Team Cee Lo
Saved: Juliet Simms (cool, cool cool cool), Jamar Rogers (yay!), James Massone (yessssss!)
In danger: Chessa, Tony Vincent, and Erin "I hope she finally leaves" Martin

Performances for Team Cee Lo:
  • Tony "Can't undo the Broadway in his voice" Vincent sings "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by the Eurythmics. At least it captures his creepy vibe. Still not a fan.
  • Cheesa singing "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen. Love this song, and I may need to sing it to myself later tonight. She hits the key change well, and it makes me forgive the overuse of growling.
  • Erin Martin butchers "Your Song" by Elton John. Is anyone else convinced that she forces a cartoon voice for singing? It's distracting and poorly executed. I hate everything.
Results: Cee Lo's heart says Cheesa and I approve. She's the only one I liked tonight. At least Erin is finally gone!

Random Comments:
1. My sister-in-law Facebooked me about Cee Lo's shirt a couple nights ago. It is just as ruffly and awesome as I could ever have imagined for a tuxedo shirt.
2. Good decisions all around, well done America and judges.

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