Live commentarying The Voice: 4/2/2012

It's the live shows, folks, and another super long episode showing 2 coaches teams, Christina and Blake.

1. Team Blake: Jermaine Paul is up first, and he is one of the few people who can match Blake in height. He's singing "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi. It's kind a terrible song choice. Jermaine sounds pretty good and reaches the high notes (mostly after the key change), but I can't not associate this song with karaoke.

Christina: Impressed that Jermaine worked the stage, and didn't see the connection to the song choice. (Agreed.)
Blake: Experiencing his dream or something.

2. Team Christina: opera singer Chris Mann is singing Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water." I just watched a documentary about the making of Simon and Garfunkel's album Bridge Over Troubled Water and a lot of time was spent talking about just how awesome this song is. I think Chris is doing well and sounsd comfortable and controlled, even though I typically don't like operatic voices. He manages to squeeze in a few trills to make it more modern.

Cee Lo: Wonderful performance. Really enjoyed that.
Adam: Can't get over Cee Lo's outfit. Was great, subverted his voice's genre.
Christina: So beautiful and heartfelt. Owned the song and ad libbed trills successfully.

3. Team Blake: RaeLynn is next up singing. I thought she should have been kicked out during the battle rounds, so she better prove that she's actually good. She's countrifying "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5--zing! to Adam. RaeLynn is offbeat during the verse but catches up to the beat during the chorus. I still hate her pronunciation of words and her voice still sounds off-pitch and weak, no matter how gutteral she gets.

(RaeLynn hugs Adam)
Christina: Sassy little thing, was impressed and had stage presence. Talks about the man love between Adam and Blake.
Adam: Broke his heart when she did his song.
Blake: Represents the new sound of country. People talk to him about her. (Can someone explain to me why? She's all style and no technique.)

4. Team Christina: Moses Stone is singing "Stronger" and "Power" by Kanye West. For how much showmanship this performance shows off, Moses is holding his own with all the backup dancers. His vocals in singing and rapping worked, too. Fun!

Cee Lo: Song choices were good, appreciated his stage presence.
Adam: Knows how to entertain people. Getting honest, wants to hear more singing from Moses.
Blake: Christina already making a difference and hears improvement in singing vocals.
Christina: Moses makes her excited when performing. Christina burns people on the radio by saying he wasn't autotuned and still killed it. (Right? Christina is preaching to the choir for me today.)

5. Team Blake: Naia Kete is singing "Turning Tables" by Adele. She's not going reggae today, which is kind of a relief, although this song is cheesy as hell (which should be synonymous with Adele). Naia does much better than the battle rounds and shows off some high vocal range and the ability to squeeze her eyes shut during tender moments. Still don't know if I like her very much.

Christina: Thought it was cool, but there were some moments that weren't great.
Blake: Wanted her to prove that she's more than reggae. Tender moments were special.

6. Team Christina: Lindsey Pavao is up next. She's singing Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know." Lindsey sounds weak and flat. The arrangement is alright, but it just doesn't work for me. Mostly, Lindsey is visibly uncomfortable.

Adam: Dudes in the clown suits freaked him out. Loved the song, but missed the power that he feels from the chorus (AGREED).
Christina: Loves Lindsey's style and plugs her songs on iTunes.

7. Team Blake: Jordis Unga is going to sing "Alone" by Heart. Does well with the verse, but kills it at the chorus and the "AAAAAH" after the instrumental break which is the whole point of this song anyway. Good work!

Cee Lo: Overall good.
Blake: Opposite of playing it safe. Amazing.

8. Team Christina: Sera Hill is up next singing "Find Your Love" by Drake. Sera sounds a little nervous and she's flat on the high notes and sharp on the low notes. She looks comfortable on stage, though, in the midst of shirtless men.

Blake: Makes fun of the male strippers on the stage.
Christina: Sera looks gorgeous, she sounded phenomenal and looked like she belonged on the stage.

9. Team Blake: Erin Willett is singing Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City." Woah! Erin brought out the piano and dancers. I love this song though and Erin brings a lot of soul to the performances. She really sounds great.

Cee Lo: Under her circumstances (he dad just passed away) she did good. Great performance, he enjoyed it.
Blake: Best technically and passionately performance of the night. That's a fact. (I kind of agree.)

10. Team Christina: Ashley De La Rosa is singing "Right Through It" by Alanis Morissette. What's up, on-pitch performer! Well done. She sounds much more mature this round.

Adam: Most improved, given that's she's so young (17).
Christina: Really brought it and loved the song.

11. Team Blake: Charlotte Sometimes is up next singing "Misery Business" by Paramore. She still sounds like Lana Del Rey, although I hate Paramore's lead singer's voice most of the time, too. In all honesty, Charlotte sounds better than most of the other folks that sang tonight.

Adam: Great, was a unique voice. There was some flatness.
Christina: Surprised by her performance and dynamics. (Christina and I are two peas in a pod this episode.)
Blake: Made this arrangement, true artist with vision. Didn't hear flatness (I didn't really either. No worse than RaeLynn, that's for damn sure.)

12. Team Christina: Jesse Campbell is singing "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. Blame it on the song, but Jesse sounds like a really good burlesque show. His voice is golden and hits all the high notes with a beautifully pure tone.

Cee Lo: His voice is almost as beautiful as Cee Lo's (fake) hair. Would love Jesse to win if someone from his own team doesn't take it.
Adam: Jesse's the dude to beat.
Christina: He could sing the phone book and sound good. Christina rambles about being the only sober coach up there. (That went of the rails quickly).

My favorites were Jordis, Erin, Ashley, and Jesse. How about you?

Random thoughts:
1. Cee Lo absorbed Christina's crazy by wearing fringe, sequins, and a wig. Christina looks relatively tame and toned down and instantly looks better.
2. Carson Daly is incredibly awkward. Still.
3. Christina Millian is such a waste of space just being there to plug Sprint and Twitter.
4. Betty White is adorable making a plug for her show and talking about how cute Blake is.
5. Christina's team always has interesting staging. Sometimes overwhelmingly so.

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