More horrifying advertisements on Pandora

So I'm trying to revise a paper, and THIS pops up on Pandora:

Really? Is that a look now/still? We're still not over short skirts over leggings, with a dash of arbitrary belt? And don't forget the short faux-leather jacket? Correct me if I'm wrong, that look hasn't been "punk" since 1980 or so. It wasn't punk when I was in high school between 2001-2005, and it still isn't getting punker.

I guess the hair is new. Is this day over yet?


  1. Wow, yeah! That is terrifyingly over the top. And to think you were listening to Postal Service when that wackadoo ad popped up... talk about strange side-by-sides... :)

  2. That "punk" outfit reminds me quite a bit of the Avril Lavigne costume I recently constructed largely out of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana brand items from Wal-Mart. It was hardcore. Just like Jean Paul Gaultier for Target.