Cartoon Network > Andy Samberg

Today, after losing a game of Monopoly to the kid I nanny, he turned on the TV to watch some Teen Titans*. The following was one of Cartoon Network's random in between shows things:

And it occurred to me that it was way funnier than 3/4 of Andy Samberg's digital shorts.

There's beauty in brevity, Andy, and you usually overstay your welcome. Case in point:

I want to like you, but you're just not that funny on your own for more than a minute. Sometimes, bad is just bad and not funny. I'm sorry you just got owned by some kid with sunglasses who probably didn't even write that ridiculous number about walking a squirrel.

Thrift store flannel. Ha!

*A surprisingly watchable show.


  1. I think you just renewed my faith in children's programming. You've made it a good youtube day.

  2. I politely disagree. That squirrel one was cute, but tone-deaf. The other one is brilliant

  3. That squirrel thing is amazing. Thanks for the find.

  4. haha! that kid was in a movie with Andy Samberg...um yeah it was funny but you have to have a certain reverence for someone who can take throwing things on the ground and create a ridiculous rebellious character as well as make something catchy that people are going to remember and get stuck in their heads.

    don't diss the man behind Awesometown :)

    Watch the Backseatsman thats a great Andy Samberg video:


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