The Audacity of Rock: Part 33

Weird chord progressions and crazy lyrics.

Sometimes I don't know whether I hate or love a band because they're just so weird. Maybe I should just settle for unique affection?

"Don't Take Me Alive" by Steely Dan (1976)

Truthfully, I don't know too much of Steely Dan's music, but the jazz-rock underground classic band is instantly recognizable. They use funky chord progressions and eccentric lyrics to create...I don't even know. "Don't Take Me Alive" might be about the old West if it weren't for the megaphone reference (*mu chord*). Also, what's with the pronunciation of "Oregon?" Yes, that is what they're saying.

"Ready, Able" by Grizzly Bear (2009)

While Grizzly Bear is probably more psychedelic/Radiohead than jazzy, their music is still jarring. The song never goes where you expect in terms of chord progressions, vocals, harmonies, or use of instruments. I also have no idea what they're singing about in "Ready, Able," but it sure is pretty, and the music video will give you nightmares.

1. What's with Seattle and Steely Dan? Every time I turn it on classic rock, there they are.
2. What's your favorite crazy/odd but good band?

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