Taking advice from the media: How to make friends

I'm kind of a shy person, so I have to make myself make friends which is kind of an awkward process. But since tomorrow is the start of a new school year and my first year in my program, I decided to pick up some tips from movies and television. Here 9 ways I found to make friends:

1. Join a group activity like a sport. (Bend it Like Beckham)

2. Help out at a party. (Dirty Dancing)

3. Involve a stranger in an elaborate plan to impress a woman or a man. (How I Met Your Mother)

4. Find another socially awkward person to have fun with away from a large group of people. (Little Women)

5. Ask a person for help with something they do especially well, like sneaking contraband items into prison. (The Shawshank Redemption)

6. Work with someone on a mutually noble cause. (Casablanca)

7. Make fun of a classmate during lecture. (Kal Ho Naa Ho)

8. Force conversation on a seatmate while riding public transportation. (Sliding Doors)

9. Shock a new acquaintance into doing something outlandish and fun such as a three-legged race. (Anne of Green Gables)


  1. I'm just curious, am I number 4 or 7?

  2. Ben-you are both.

    Clancy-I'll start looking for more.

  3. Also, when you accidentally get your new bff drunk on Marilla's medicinal spirits, you may have to save her younger sister from the brink of death using your orphan knowledge of the croup in order to win back her parents' approval. Just saying.

  4. 10. Bring them to a pub quiz and get them drunk on knowledge!

  5. Number 8 is so romantic, but I often get freaked out when strangers approach me in public transportation.
    I make the expression Gwyneth has on the pic hehehe.

  6. you make my dreams come true-oooh-ooh-ooh-oooh

  7. Now how can I get to be a number 6?