Medley of the Day: Prostitutes get the best songs edition

If you're going to bring in prostitutes, they better be the fun part of the musical.

"Le Val D'amour" from Notre Dame de Paris

The call and response between singer and (fake?) strings make this way more catchy than it should be. And yes, those are flesh colored leotards with weird attachments (Star Wars or All That Jazz?).

"Lovely Ladies" from Les Miserables

This one is actually pretty icky; so much detail about the smell of women. But the melody sure sounds fun!

"El Tango de Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge!

General awesomeness in the form of strained, gruff voices, jealousy, and the tango.

"Crossroads" from Perhaps Love

What was that? You want another depressing envy involving prostitutes song? Coming from the utterly confusing pastiche-heavy film that is Perhaps Love, here's "Crossroads." It sure looks and sounds gorgeous, in a dirty sort of way. Starts about 1:09.

"Come Together" from Across the Universe

The whole thing isn't about prostitutes, but they've got the sweetest harmonies out the other scenarios. Plus, Joe Cocker is a pimp.

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  1. Wow, I didn't realize anyone who hadn't taken french with Mrs. Loubey knew about Notre Dame de Paris. GREAT musical. Oooo, how I love that version of Les Mis. Ruthie Henshaw and Philip Quast are my heroes. And really, you could have included pretty much the whole Moulin Rouge soundtrack in there:).
    Apparently I get excited about prostitute-themed music.