Judging Amy

One of my favorite procedurals, Judging Amy, still isn't released on DVD. This makes me sad. I was possibly the only person in my high school who watched this show religiously when it was on, and I still love it. It's really a character based show at its heart, with family and coworker dynamics being a large focus of the show, not just the cases. Unfortunately, there aren't any channels showing reruns and there doesn't seem to be any plan to release DVDs any time soon.

My favorite moments in an episode are where Judge Gray and her CSO Bruce make eye contact when something crazy happens. It's an understated and fun way to show how much they relate to each other.

So if you're as desperate for your fix of a neurotic family with an awesome matriarch and large portions of the inadequacy of social services and the juvenile court system, here are places I've found episodes:

TNT "DramaVision," although they haven't uploaded new episodes in quite some. I must warn that the episodes that are on there right now feature heavily the character Stu, also known as the-dumbest-boyfriend-Amy-ever-had-although-maybe-not-as-bad-an-idea-as-that-Smallville-guy.

There's also YouTube user StarryMikage who's uploading episodes. The episodes start at season 3 episode 8, which is when cousin Kyle comes in after Vincent has left, and most recently downloaded is season 4 episode 6. Most of the episodes in between are there.

Here, I'll get you started with "Roses and Truth":


  1. Just wanted to say that I, too, was a HUGE Judging Amy fan! With the new season of Private Practice out there have been quite a few interviews where Amy Brenneman gets asked about JA and especially about why a box set of DVD's haven't been released. She explains that it has to do with CBS and 20th Century Fox feuding over rights to it and that fans should probably try to start some kind of campaign to either of those companies to get them out. Just wanted to share that.
    I miss that show!!!!

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