FlashForward looks to be Lost's less awesome little brother. It's about the world after a global 2-minute blackout by every one sees the future in 6 months. It has a decent premise to build a mystery off of. Pilot episodes are usually a little rough, so if they up their dialogue from cliche-disaster-flick to people-with-personality from here on out, the show could be pretty good.

However, I'm willing to stick around for two reasons:

1. Joseph Fiennes. Look here and here for reasons I've already explained my love for him. Although he's working with an American accent in this, so it puts a little damper on my enthusiasm, especially since he's saying stuff like "I was drinking again. The anxiety, the shame, it was all back." Like I said, the dialogue needs to improve, so hopefully the writers got their expository wiggles out so Joe can work his magic.

2. LEE THOMPSON YOUNG. If you're all, "Who?" you did not grow up on late-90s Disney Channel. He played teen star Jett Jackson on The Famous Jett Jackson trying to live a normal life. This was time when Disney had some fairly low-key programming that didn't have laugh tracks or obnoxious girls named Lizzie McGuire. JONAS, The Suite Life with Zack and Cody, Sonny with a Chance* are pale comparisons of their more awesome predecessor.

Remember this, guys?

Anyway, he made an appearance on the pilot episode of FlashForward. He doesn't seem to be in the main cast, but I hope to see more of him on the show anyway. Because his eyes are still dreamy.


*I nanny a 4th grader, okay?


  1. Yays, I can't wait for this show. Mainly for J - yeah, you guessed it... I'm a fellow Fiennes lover. (I'm an English undergrad - I WISH Shakespeare looked like that.)

    The ads for this show are great, but very confusing. I don't quite get the concept. Seeing as you have the pleasure of having seen it ---> RE: "It's about the world after a global 2-minute blackout by every one sees the future in 6 months."

    Do you mean every single human on earth randomly passes out and sees the future six months from now? Wow....sounds like last Saturay night. Weird conceit for a show?? Does it work?

  2. Your first question: yes, that is the premise. Does it work? We'll see if they can stretch it out. It seems like at least one decent season will come out of it.