Late nights and Netflix instant play: Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School

This is the entertainment I seek when I can't sleep and it's 1:30am:

Everyone ever is in this movie. I didn't think there would be big stars in this obviously independently made film, but you recognize every one in this. It gets more ridiculous as the movie goes on. Highlight: Donnie Wahlberg with a handlebar mustache and Latin dance pants.

Somehow, Donnie manages to make his role not as obnoxious a caricature as it could have been. He may be my favorite Wahlberg.

The movie itself? Imagine combining Shall We Dance, A Christmas Story, Return to Me, and a Lifetime movie about abuse. It's kind of an awkward combination. It's Hallmark Channel worthy entertainment. It's innocuous, but not the worst thing that's ever happened. I fell asleep shortly thereafter.

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