So I'm trying to get my grad school applications done this week (I don't know, procrastinating homework with something that's productive?). I can't really think very well right now, but here are some things that have occurred to me this week:

  • I've never met an Al(l)i/yson I didn't like.
  • "Good Eats," starring the adorably nerdy and glassesed Alton Brown, is like the Billy Nye the Science Guy/MST3K of cooking shows.
  • America should probably look into nuclear fusion as an energy alternative.
  • Sequined stockings were probably the best choice.
  • Hugh Laurie is a fantastic comedic actor. Compare this to this to this.
  • I don't function well waking up before 8am.
  • I actually want it to snow.
  • My Sufjan Stevens (Holiday) Pandora station is the best.
Love love,
A very sleepy Kelsy

P.S. Here's my very favorite Hugh Laurie moment ever from "A Bit of Fry and Laurie":


  1. : D

    btw, I really like the picture banner at the top of your page. when i finally return to our country/we are in the same state at the same time, lets watch those.

  2. Omg how can one man be so sexy hot/British/comically blessed? And he's aged so nicely...