The Marathon is Over

I'm going to need to watch something happy and fluffy where there are no consequences except happiness. But the greatest thing about the marathon...

I knit a hugely long scarf.
And yes, those are sequined stockings above my not-working fireplace.

Hopefully the next time I post I will be home--if my flight doesn't get cancelled again. I don't want to have to go angry-Joe Pesci on the weather and stab it in the neck. That just gets messy.


  1. What does arterial (aortal) bleeding look like when done by a force of nature? Weather particularly? Snow storms more particularly?
    Also, sometimes I forget your roommate connection and then I see sequined stockings and can't help but remember. Love it. (Good luck getting home!)

  2. I think it would result in every kind of weather possible happening at once until it settles into a clear blue day where I can fly home. Maybe.

    PS I linked back.

  3. I've come to find that chocolate is the perfect antidote for violent, dark movies.
    Served me once I tried to watch all The Godfathers.
    I only made it through two though.