Mobsters and Cops Marathon: Bullitt

Other films in this marathon: Goodfellas and Casino.

Finally a movie I completely enjoyed, Bullitt.

A 60s thriller with 60s style and music starring Steve McQueen. What's not to love? McQueen plays Bullitt, a cop asked to keep a star witness safe until a hearing. Pretty quickly, the simple task turns complex when the star witness and one of the cops watching him gets shot. Bullitt's put in charge of case and many chases on foot and car ensue. McQueen plays Bullitt as downtrodden and desensitized by his career. Most of this is conveyed subtly which I love. Also, the dialogue was sparse leaving room to admire the great editing and cinematography.

Because I'm sick of writing coherent paragraphs, let's check out some still shots with commentary:

That facial hair + those glasses + a double breasted suit = the greatest informant ever.

So much peeling out in one of the greatest car chases, hands down.

Gun holsters! They're like tough guy suspenders, both of which are hot.

Bullitt's grocery shopping consists of only frozen foods. So much implicit characterization!

Such a lovely use of focus to direct the audience's eye.

Upper angles...

...and lower angles create interesting frames for each shot.

Use of reflection is fantastic. Creepy attorney coming from behind!

Sexy British girlfriend who also happens to be an artist. Character foil anyone?

Crime fighting in a cardigan!

Bullitt drinks his milk with holsters on, like a man.

But the most adorable of all is just-woke-up Bullitt. He has 2 piece PJs that look like my grandmother's tacky couch. What a badass.

Wrap up: Watch this movie. It reminded me of one of my all time favorites, Charade. It's just as suspenseful, although maybe not as fun, but both have a music and filming style that is so definitively 60s that it's just a pleasure to watch. Soderbergh may come close, but nothing is like the straight from the source.


  1. Ooh I'll have to catch this one. I'll have to be in the mood for it though (or the mod for it...yeah, being cooped up, my jokes only get Worse).

  2. I heart Steve McQueen. I'm linking you, btw, dear, if that's ok.

  3. Here here!!! Fantastic.