Medley of the Day: Dream Sequence Edition

Whatever, this totally isn't musical, but I was looking up clips of Judging Amy* and happened upon a sweet dream sequence from episode 1x16, "The Wee Hours." Amy dreams of kissing her sexy/adorable CSO, Bruce:

Well, then I thought of other random dream sequences. Here's one from House 4x16, "House's Head" with crazy Amber:

And from Gilmore Girls, the delightful sequence that started season 3 from "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days":

And just because I love Judging Amy so much, more clips! Here are some classic Maxine moments. Oh, how I love Tyne Daly.

*One of my all-time favorite TV shows that needs to be on DVD.

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  1. Judging Amy is awesome! I used to watch it before work in the old days before I came to BYU. (I worked nights, made for a weird TV schedule.)