Shameless ogling: David Gilmour

I was watching a documentary about the making of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and remembered how pretty David Gilmour was back in the day. Let's enjoy pictures of this beautiful musician, and I'll even give you some music (with bonus gawky Roger Waters and handlebar mustached Nick Mason.) 

Aaaand, probably the best of all:


  1. Totally love the Floyd..feedback Christ..don't worry bout feedback...where would rock and roll be without feedback??? How many albums...tape cassettes and cds have I bought over the years trying to make their acquaintance...they are simply timeless...:)

  2. Hey forgot to say ...I have had a big crush on David for a long time...he was simply a gorgeous man when younger and he is still hot...:) Thats why I appreciate the name of this blog..shameless ogling...

  3. David minha inspiração. Sentimento inexplicável quando te ouço cantar. Parece que saio desse mundo e me transporto pra um lugar de paz. Inacreditável como me identifico com você. Parece que te conhece de outras vidas. Não sei como colocar todos os sentimentos aqui. Você simplesmente transformou minha vida.