Live commentarying The Voice: 5/7/2012

Last performance episode, y'all. Who's ready for some hyperbole and oversinging?

It was a good night for Josh Groban covers.
1. Team Blake: Jermaine Paul is singing R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly." I think we can all agree that just about any other song from R. Kelly's oeuvre would have been less cringeworthy. This song is "My Heart Will Go On" levels of I can't take it seriously. Jermaine probably sounds the best he has all season because his oversinging really only makes sense in a gospel choir setting.

2. Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms sings her thank you to Cee Lo by singing "Crazy" from his Gnarls Barkley days. Juliet gives it a good go, but let's be honest, that song was only interesting because Cee Lo's voice is so unique.

3. Team Christina: Chris Mann and Christina Aguilera sing "The Prayer." Damn, it's like 9th grade choir all over again. Guys, I like Christina's voice when she isn't Christina-ing (by which I mean, actually singing the melody and not just belting), and Chris Mann's voice is powerful enough to be a good balance to her powerhouse voice.

4. Team Adam: Tony Lucca is singing "99 Problems" by Jay-Z and more specifically Hugo's cover of it. Let's not pretend this is an original take on the song, no matter how much I love him. Although there is someone playing a washboard on the stage. Also, he's self-censoring by omission and slurring "Bitch". He's pulling it off though. So. There you go.

5. Team Christina: Chris Mann is tributing Christina with "The Voice Within." Such a cheesy song, but it's well written and Chris, as always, is impeccable.

6. Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms and Cee Lo sing "Born to Be Wild." Honestly, nothing can top the time my friend sang this at a church karaoke activity and ended up writhing on the floor.

7. Team Adam: Tony Lucca and Adam sing the Beatles' "Yesterday." Very pretty harmonies, boys.

8. Team Blake: Jermaine Paul sings Blake's "God Gave Me You." Country music is so precious. Can't lie, this is one of my favorite songs Jermaine has sung this competition.

9. Team Christina: Chris Mann sings Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up." There's a woman signing the lyrics. HOW IS HE NOT AT A HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR CONCERT CIRCA 2004? OH WAIT, THE CHOIR IS THERE WITH HIM. Solid performance, Chris. This is strangely moving for how cornball/predictable it is.

10. Team Blake: Jermaine Paul and Blake are singing "Soul Man." They are adorably tall together. This may be my fovorite duet of the night. They look like they're having fun, and they pull off each other well.

11. Team Adam: Tony Lucca sings his tribute to Adam, "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5. Someone in the studio is rocking an organ, FYI. He recovers from forgetting the lyrics well, and since no one knows the lyrics of this song, it's cool.

12. Team Cee Lo: Juliet Simms sings Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird." Of course. It seems appropriate that this is the last song of the night. It's an end of set sort of song, and Juliet has the voice to deliver. Also, one of the guitarists in the band gets his shot of glory standing on a smoky wind machine. Juliet is such a delight.

Well friends, it was a good night for everyone, actually. I would love for Juliet or Tony to take the top spot just because I find them to be more interesting performers and fit my preference for earthy singers.

What are you guys hoping for?

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